Photo Friday: Flower Child

Hi, Cupcakes

This week’s photo Friday is a collection of some of the things that I own that I think make me a bit of a flower child, or a hippy. I love burning incense, meditating with crystals, and I have a budding Buddha collection. I don’t eat animals, I do yoga, and I’m studying an art degree. Sometimes I feel like a total walking, talking stereotype. But that’s totally okay. We all have something that makes this life more bearable, or even fun. So here are a few images that I took to get me back into the habit of taking photo’s on a semi-regular basis.

Peace and love!


T5W: Favourite Polarising Books

Hi, Friends!

Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday! Your weekly dose of lists and books! Yay! As usual, you can find all you need to know in the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads group, which is filled with other bookish humans.

This week’s theme is “Polarising books”, which my interpretation of the topic list defined as books that people either Love or Hate and if your opinion differs from the majority… So I thought that I would jump on the bandwagon and get involved – because I have some pretty controversial opinions on stuff. Not really. But you know what I mean. You should keep in mind that these are my opinions, and you are at perfect liberty to disagree with me. We can even talk about why you disagree, as long as we keep it civil and respectful. So, without further ado, here are some books that I have a polarising opinion to compared to everyone else:

  1. Twilight – Stephnie Meyer. Everyone else: HATED. My opinion: LOVED. I know this story is flawed. I know that there are plot holes and the writing needs work and Edward is stalkerish and jealous. I know. But I really do have a special soft spot for Twilight, because it was my first book series that was more ‘grown up’ and introduced me to a different kind of story. I sometimes still go back to it when I need some familiarity. Judge me for this, because I really don’t care.
  2. Fifty Shades of Grey – EJ James. Everyone else: LOVED. My opinion: HATED. I only read the series so that people would stop saying that I couldn’t hate something that I hadn’t read. So I read the books. And it reinforced my dislike. The writing is poor, the relationship is abusive and the kink has been seriously misrepresented. I related so much to Anastasia, which is why I could not understand why she could allow herself to be treated that way. A relationship is about being an equal with your partner. Any ‘control’ or power dynamics that are shifted to give one person more power should be done so willingly, or even enthusiastically, not through manipulation.
  3. The Mortal Instruments Series – Cassandra Clare. Everyone else: Loved it. My opinion: meh. When this series first blew up in the bookish community, I was not aware of it. I’m still very new to the internet community of bibliophiles. I saw a whole bunch of my favourite YouTuber’s raving about this series, so I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t really blown away. I enjoyed it, mostly. But it wasn’t instant love, and I don’t think that I will re-read the series in the future.
  4. A Game of Thrones – George RR Martin. Everyone else: LOVED. My opinion: Intense dislike. I really did try to get into the Game of Thrones series. I read the whole first book and half of the second one. But I just do not enjoy Martin’s writing style. I find his writing to be overly verbose and way too detailed. I really don’t care that this tree was slightly straighter than another. I just could not wade through his writing. And it’s such a pity that the TV show is so violent (too violent for a sensitive cupcake like me) because the story is amazing. Sigh. Maybe I’ll try the audio books.
  5. The Catcher in the Rye – JD Salinger. Everyone else: Either loved or hated. My opinion: hated it. I gave this one star on Goodreads, so you must know how much I did not enjoy this. Holden is whiny and irritating and spoilt. I know plenty of people like that in reality, so I would prefer not to see it from my characters in literature. Enough said.

And that concludes my polarised books! Again, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Feel free to do a tag like this yourself if you feel differently to me. If you feel that I am seriously mistaken, feel free to tweet me or hit me up on this post on my Bookstagram.

Keep reading!


DA Readathon Wrap Up

Hi, Cupcakes!

Welcome to my DA Readathon Wrap up!

I really enjoyed this readathon. It was a lovely way to start the year, and I feel proud of myself for starting my year off on such a positive and diverse way. But I am ashamed to say that when I started I needed to do a little more research into diversity in literature. I had seen the #OwnVoices hashtag floating around the book side of twitter, but I didn’t feel compelled to do more research. And that is completely okay. Because the whole point of this Readathon was to learn about people other than yourself, grow as a human, and get out of your comfort zone. Which I did, and am so happy that I did.

While doing my research, which included WhittyNovels’ video about diversity, I was happy to see that many of the popular books from 2016 that I wanted to read were a part of the #OwnVoices club. So I managed to find a few novels that fit into the categories.

Without further ado, here is my wrap up:

Expecto Patronum

“Read a diverse book featuring an issue of personal significance to you or a loved one”

For this topic, I picked “The Reason I Jump” by Naoki Higashida. I know a few people who fall on the Autism spectrum and I thought that this would help me to understand better. In all honesty, I found the book to be lacking, and the young Naoki constantly pleads for the reader to be patient and understanding (which I think any good human would try to do anyway…)


Disarm your own prejudices – read about a marginalized group you hardly read about.

For this one, I chose to read “Queer: A Graphic History” by Meg-John Barker and Julia Scheele. Because I don’t read enough about people who identify as homosexual, or anything other than straight. This book was more academic than I was expecting and focused quite heavily on Queer Theory. The illustrations were very minimalistic in their style, which really complimented the writing. I enjoyed this.


Read an #OwnVoices book for this tag.

I chose “Willy Grayson, Will Grayson” by John Green and David Levithan for this topic. I’m not 100% sure if this counts as #OwnVoices, but I found it on this #OwnVoices Goodreads list.  I enjoyed the story, but found the grammar in the depressed Will Grayson’s chapters to be a little distressing.


Smash that glass ceiling and read a book that empowers women from all different walks of life.

I failed this.


A diverse book that’s been on your TBR for too long.

Also failed this one.


A diverse book that definitely deserved all the hype it received.

Yet another failure.


A diverse book recommended by another book blogger.

Oops. No books here either.


  • 701 pages = 70,1 House points
  • 3 books = 15 house points
  • 3 book reviews (Goodreads) = 15 house points
  • 1 tweet = 1 house point


I read 3 books and got 101,1 House Points for Ravenclaw. I had intended to read more during the first two weeks of the year, but I was working a lot of the time and also having a social life. And the jobs fund the social life. I am proud of myself for reading 5 books in the first 15 days of the year, which is actually pretty exciting. I’m not too bummed that I only managed 3 books because I’ve been so busy with other stuff. I’m also not going to beat myself up about it.

If I’ve gained anything from this – is that I need to expand my mind and read more diverse books. Luckily for me, I have a huge amount of diverse books left on my kindle that I downloaded for this challenge, and I will continue to read them throughout the year.

Happy (and diverse) reading!





Photo Friday: Chickens

Hi Friends

This is late. Oops. I forgot that I had stuff to do today. But none of you even noticed, right? For future reference, I like to post between 9 and 10 am on the day of posting.

Anyway. The images you are seeing today are a continuation of my 2016 “Art about animals that I don’t eat project”. These were taken over a few sessions with the chickens. I got to know them very well. These chickens are my homies. I made some paintings after some of these images, which I will show you next week!

Enjoy the chickens!


Blank Notebook Tag?

Hi Friends

Blank Notebooks //

17. That is how many blank notebooks I currently own. 17 notebooks. (Edit 8/01: The number has gone up to 22. I have used up a few notebooks, which was my plan. But I have also bought new ones and received a whole bunch for Christmas…)

I thought that I would do a post exposing myself and admitting that I have a problem when it comes to notebooks. And then I thought that I would come up with some questions/writing prompts about stationary and notebooks. At the same time, I would give some suggestions and some ideas on what you can do with a bound book of blank paper. Or maybe this blog post doesn’t really have a point and I want to get in on the Notebook frenzy that is happening as a result of Bullet Journaling.

Why so many notebooks?

Because I love them. I love the potential of blank paper because you can literally do anything in the world with it. Notebooks are also an easy gift to give to me as an arty person and as a writer. I used to be a big fan of plain paper notebooks, but now I actually prefer lined notebooks for actual writing. Because I cannot write in a straight line to save my life.

Why do you love stationary?

Because I’m a total nerd? I honestly have no idea. But for as long as I can remember, I have always loved pens and stickers and stationary and art supplies. My absolute favourite part of January is back to school shopping. I love having new, fresh stationary to start the year. I stopped buying unnecessary stationary in high school because I didn’t want to waste. But it still feels nice to clean up your pens and sharpen your pencils a little. I love stationary as an adult. Because I can kid myself that I am being more productive than I actually am.

What kind of writing are you best at?

I am best at journaling my thoughts and writing To-Do lists that I never quite finish. I’ve been journaling for most of the year and my journals are filled with more diary-type entries than anything else. Sometimes I make plans or lists. But mostly I just write down what’s occupying my brain. And I seem to be getting better at that.

What kind of writing do you wish you were better at?

I wish I was better at making pretty, creative pages. I’ve tried to do so in the past but I do not have the patience to plan out everything meticulously before going in with ink. That and my handwriting is really terrible and messy. I think it’s because my hand can’t keep up with my brain, so I have to compromise something. Part of my plan for 2017 is to improve my handwriting. Or at least my artistic lettering.

Do you keep notebooks after you fill them up?

Yes. I keep personal journals because I like to go back and read them. It’s a good way to reflect on my personal growth and to see how much you’ve changed over a specific time period. I also use it to keep track of my mood and monitor my mental health to make sure that I’m okay. My school/university notebooks usually get dismantled into study notes, which I keep until I know that I’ve passed all my subjects. Then I recycle the paper. Because school notes are usually more depressing than anything else.

Are notebooks more for school or personal?

Both, equally. I usually have a personal journal and a varsity notebook in my bag at any given moment. Lately, I have been using more separate notebooks for my Fine Art classes, but I use my personal journal and my planner way more. Hopefully, I will be able to use up more notebooks in 2017 and resist the urge to buy more.

What is your favourite kind of notebook?

It’s a tie. I love Moleskines because of the paper quality, and the lined pages suit my handwriting. That and they have a certain ‘thing’ about them that suggests that you are serious about whatever you’re putting in there, whether it’s art or writing. I also love Typo notebooks because the covers are always fun and put me in a  good mood whenever I see mine in my schoolbag. Which obviously makes me feel better about the fact that I have to take notes for class.

So there we have it. A bunch of questions and photographs of notebook porn. I highly doubt that this ‘tag’ will catch on, but feel free to do it if your stationary problem is as bad as mine. Also feel free to suggest possible questions/additions to this ‘tag’ in the comments.



Photo Friday: 2016 COWS

Hi, friends!

Welcome to my first Photo Friday of 2017! I have been very slow to start photographing this year because I have been house sitting since before Christmas. I haven’t been photographing because it’s a hassle to lug my big camera around. And I feel weird photographing other people’s homes/pets, as I mentioned in my Holiday post.

So. This week will be a throwback to when Ethan and I visited the Irene Dairy farm to take references for my cow art project in the first semester last year. It was an interesting experience, but I wouldn’t go back in a hurry because it made my heart kind of sore to see the calves separated from their mommies. But let’s get into the photographs:

An interesting side note to these images is that my mark for the semester was based on 4 of these photos, and not at all on any of my drawings, which really sucked considering how much effort went into those drawings. But marking art is really weird. If anyone can figure out how that work, please let me know. Because it’s been 3 years and I’m still not sure how it all works.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and next week I will either share some of my chicken photographs, or have some new content. Hopefully it’s the latter!



T5W: 2017 Goals!

Hi, Friends!

In my 2017 goals post, I debated doing another reading goals post for the new year. And then I realised that I love doing Top 5 Wednesday posts. So I went to see what the January 2017 topics were, and this is the first one! Goals! How nicely does that all work out? They don’t really need to be book oriented goals, but since I have already done a goals post for 2017, these are going to be my reading goals for 2017. As usual, you can find all you need to know in the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group.

Top 5 2017 Reading goals:

  1. Read 50 books! This will be my third year in a row doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I think that 50 books is a reasonable goal for me. I read very quickly, and 50 books will average out to about a book a week. Because of the Goodreads system, however, it will have to be 50 NEW books. Luckily for me, there are so many amazing books coming out this year, and there are so many books that I still want to read!
  2. Read more art books. Since I am doing an art degree, it makes sense for me to read more art books. There are so many amazing artists and artworks out there in the world, and I want to read more art books. Especially because it will impress my art lecturers.
  3. Read more books about yoga and the philosophy of yoga. I am loving yoga so much at the moment. And I have already read one book about the philosophy of yoga and it taught me so much. I know that I still have so much to learn, and one of the best ways to learn is through reading.
  4. Read more classics. This is literally my goal every year. Sometimes I do well. Sometimes I fail spectacularly. It’s all good. Because I’m taking English lit again this year, I’ll probably be more successful at this goal than I was in 2016.
  5. Finally finish Paradise Lost. It’s been 2 years. I just need to finish it already. Seriously.

And that concludes my reading goals for 2017! I’m very much looking forward to reading lots of exciting things this year that will hopefully make me a better human. If you guys have any reading goals you want to share with me, feel free to tweet me!

Happy reading!



2017 Goals: 17 in 2017

Hi, Cupcakes!

17 Goals in 2017 //

It’s the first day of 2017! Which means that it is time for me to set some 2017 goals! HELL YEAH!

I’m a big believer in setting goals to help me achieve what I want to achieve. I like achieving. It feels really good. Goals are an easy way for me to keep myself on track and help me do everything I want to do in a year. I’ve seen very mixed opinions across the internet about whether or not you should share your goals with other people. Personally, I like sharing my goals. I like talking about them on this blog because I’m hoping that sharing will keep me accountable. And goals make for really uplifting and optimistic content.

The goals that I have planned for 2017 are mixed, but make a lot of sense if you’ve followed my 2016 journey on this blog. There are some goals that have been carried over from 2016 because I didn’t quite get there. And there are some completely new goals that I am very keen to get stuck into. This is going to be a LONG post so grab yourself a cup of green tea and settle down to read about how ambitious I am planning to be in 2017. These are my 2017 goals:

17 in 2017

1. Continue doing yoga 5 x a week.

Yoga has been absolutely wonderful for my physical and mental health so far this year (check out this blog post for more!). I want to continue this habit to grow as a human. And to improve my yoga practice itself. I’ve already noticed that I am stronger and can do poses that I couldn’t do when I started. I want to continue with this and get stronger and more flexible. Yoga also has been doing wonders for my mental health. I’ve noticed that I miss it when I skip more than 1 day.

I’m starting January off with a 30 day yoga challenge, which you can find here. Ideally, I would like to do yoga every day. But in a realistic world, it will probably be 5 times a week.

2. Get into the splits.

This goal is carried over from 2016. I lost my splits when I stopped dancing a few years ago. And I really want to get there again. This links into my yoga goal. My plan is to stretch almost every day. I think that it is realistic to think that I can get into the splits in a few months (3?), especially if I push myself.

3. Unsupported headstand.

With an eventual progression into an unsupported handstand. This is another yoga related goal. I want to do a fully unsupported headstand – no wall. At all. If I get there before the end of the year, I want to progress into an unsupported handstand. I know that the handstand is a long shot, but I’m ambitious.

4. Start a consistent meditation habit.

This also links into my yoga goal. Meditation is so good for you, and I want to get into the habit of meditating for at least 10 minutes every day. Hopefully, I can progress into longer sessions. I will be using my meditation beads and crystals to help me with this goal.

5. Reach my savings goal and manage my money well.
6. Work smarter.

In terms of earning money and varsity work. I already work hard. So now it’s time to learn how to work smarter to get more stuff done.

7. Read 50 books.

(For the 3rd year in a row!) Not sure if I want to do another blog post on this? I’ll let you know!

8. Start piano lessons.

And learn how to play very basic songs, like “Mary had a little lamb” and “Jingle bells”. Maybe progress into a few songs from the first grade of piano. Because I have ZERO experience with music, I don’t know what a realistic goal is. But I have decided to start small. Nothing too complicated just yet. I just want to learn how to play the piano. Maybe I will get to the point where I can post videos of me actually playing!

9. Grow my blog and social media.

My blog is one of my favourite hobbies. I want to grow it by reaching more people who I think will like my content. I also want to improve my followings on all of my Instagram pages. This is a shameless plug: follow me on my Personal Instagram, Bookstagram, Art Instagram and Facebook page!

10. Take more photos.

This is a personal goal. I want to take more photos of friends and family, because of everything changing so quickly, and I really want those memories to look back on someday. My other aim is to improve on my art photography and take the kinds of Fine Art photo’s that I like because I really fell behind in that last year. I also have a polaroid camera that I am using to make one of those cute polaroid display things. I’ll post a photo of that when it’s finished!

11. Make the art that I want to make.

This expands a little bit. My plan is to make art for me, not just to get a degree. I want to make art that other people, aside from my lecturers, actually like. I am hoping that this will expand into me actually being able to sell one or two of my artworks this year. I’m not scared of selling out. Not even a little bit. I want to make art that I am proud to put on the internet, and say “I made this”. I have no idea what this all means, and how it will manifest visually. But I want to make the art that I want to make for me.

12. Improve my marks (?)

This is specifically my Fine Art mark. I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I really want to improve my mark. I am also planning to maintain the marks that I managed to improve in 2016. Because I am taking an extra subject this year, I really want to keep my marks up to a good standard.

13. Get my degree.

I highly doubt that I will fail in this goal. But it’s a pretty huge achievement to get a degree. Especially a “Professional degree” which means that my honors are included.

14. Keep journalling.

This is something that I really enjoy, and want to continue with. I’ve discovered that I love filling up notebooks, especially Moleskines. The feeling of seeing the full one is almost as nice as starting fresh in a new journal. Journaling is also so good for my mental health and for remembering stuff. My journal and my planner make up my brain. Blog post on that coming soon!

15. Stay organised.

Use my planner and keep on top of my life. It saved my ass in 2016, and I will continue to use my new planner in the same way to stay organised. Because I hate forgetting about stuff. And I know that I will have much more to do in 2017, as well as more responsibilities. My new planner will help me to keep on top of my life.

16. Go on more adventures.

The last part of the year introduced Operation #DoStuff, as suggested by my therapist. My goal for this is to do exciting things and maybe do stuff that I’ve never done before. I want to go and have fun. I don’t want to become stagnant and fall into old, unhealthy habits. Especially in my friendships and my relationship. I want to not be afraid to do things because of my anxiety, and the only way to do that is to get outside my comfort zone. Adventuring may be expensive and stressful, but it is SO worth it in my mind. Priorities.

17. Grow.

As a human. As a person. I just want to grow.


I have set some pretty ambitious 2017 goals. However, I do think that I can achieve most of them in a year. I am planning to achieve all of my 2017 goals, though. I will probably fail in something like I did in 2016, but that is totally okay. I’m feeling confident about the year. As usual, I will do an update/review in June and a final reflection at the end of the year. This is to keep me accountable and to keep you all updated on my progress in these respective 2017 goals. As usual, if I achieve anything important before June or December, I will make a blog post about it. But that will largely depend on my excitement levels and my motivation.

I hope that this has inspired you to set some of your own 2017 goals, and I wish you all the best in achieving and realising them.

Bring on 2017!


Goal Review for 2016

Welcome to my Goal Review for 2016!

Hi, Friends! At the beginning of the year, I made a post of 16 Goals for 2016. And then in June I did a reflection and an update on how I was doing on my goals, which was y mid-year goal review. Now that 2016 is over, I have had some time to reflect and see how I did on my goals. That means it’s ‘the end of year’ goal review time! I personally think that checking in and reflecting on your progress is just as important as the process of setting goals. By posting my goals here on this blog, I have made myself accountable to stick to my goals. But as you will see in the post, I changed what wasn’t working for me anymore and adjusted my goals as the year progressed. Because I really do believe that change is imperative to grow as a human. But more on that later.

By posting my goals here on this blog, I have made myself accountable to stick to my goals. But as you will see in the post, I changed what wasn’t working for me anymore and adjusted my goals as the year progressed. Because I really do believe that change is imperative to grow as a human. But more on that later.

16 goals in 2016:

  1. Get fit and maintain some sense of consistency. Achieved. I am not as fit or as muscley as I would like to be, but I have managed to stay consistent with doing my yoga. Some weeks I don’t quite manage 5 days, but I have been doing it consistently since about March/April, which I think is really cool. I’m proud of myself. I have also got back into running (very slowly) and lifting (not heavy) kettlebells to try and get some abs. Because I want abs.
  2. Get back into the splits. Not achieved. I’m closer than I was when I started the year, but I have not got back into the splits. And I’m actually okay with that because I did not anticipate how long this would take. I still want to do this, so this goal will be carried on to next year.
  3. Make beautiful art that I am proud of. Achieved. I made some ink drawings and some oil paintings that I am proud of. And I have learnt how to separate myself from the art and not take criticism personally. I have realised that my lecturers are unlikely to love everything that I make, so I need to make stuff that I love.
  4. Write better essaysAchieved.  I think I actually got about three 80%s for History of Art Essays. And I’m really proud of myself. Because I managed to write better essays, I have improved my marks for almost all of my subjects. Which is awesome, and I’m proud of myself.
  5. Attend more art events. Achieved. I have been to more art events this year than I did in my first two years of university combined. Work, and bad planning, are the reasons that I didn’t manage to make every event that I wanted to. And then there were some events that I just didn’t want to go to… I also networked with people and have spoken to a gallery owner (much more terrifying than it sounds, let me tell you!).
  6. Listen to more audiobooks. Oops. I completely forgot about this one. I had all of the good intentions to download more audiobooks and listen to them while I made art and drove to and from my university. But I don’t feel bad because this was only included to help me reach my reading goal for the year. Which I managed to do despite not listening to more than 7 audiobooks the whole year.
  7. Read 50 books. Achieved. This was more difficult than it should have been. But I did it, with two weeks to spare before the end of the year! I hit a serious reading slump in the middle of the year, but I am hoping that taking English 3 next year will kick my ass and force me to read more.
  8. Manage my money better. Achieved. I did spend more than I intended to, especially on random stuff. And then I did have one or two expensive mistakes. But overall, I did manage my money better. And doing so allowed me to reach my savings goal!
  9. Reach my savings goal. Achieved. (Twice!)  I increased my savings goal by R5000 after I achieved my initial savings goal in May. And then I met that new goal as well thanks to a large birthday present EFT from my dad. I have increased that goal again, but I don’t think that I will realistically reach it before the end of the year. Because having a social life and Christmas shopping is expensive! Needless to say, I am happy with my savings this year.
  10. Live lighter. I honestly forgot about this one for most of the year. But I haven’t really felt the need to declutter and clean when I’ve felt stressed. My plan was to do a huge bedroom purge over the holidays, but that was a little difficult because I house sat for most of the month.
  11. Get more work and be prompt with invoices. Achieved. I think that I worked most weekends this year, and then in October I picked up another job. And in November I picked up yet another job. Which has been amazing! I have worked my ass off in the last quarter of the year, and I am all set to continue with these jobs next year – which is really exciting. I kept track of when I sent through my invoices, and I managed to send them through relatively consistently each month. Yay me!
  12. Consistent and HQ blog posts. Mixed. I had a two week Hiatus, and then fell off the face of my blog for 3 months. I think that I have managed to produce some decent quality content this year, and have kept up with posting semi-regularly. This is something I want to work on next year.
  13. 52 weeks photography project. I gave up on this goal because it was no longer working for me. Taking the photographs became a chore and not something I enjoyed anymore. The themes were exciting, but always at the wrong time for me. Either my mood was off, or the season was wrong. I don’t regret abandoning this goal because it gave me more time to focus on things that were more important to me.
  14. Get organised and use my planner more. Achieved. My planner became my lifeline. And without it, I would have battled so much with this year. I am now in the habit of carrying my planner with me everywhere. I depend on it to make sure that I never forget anything, or am late for anything. I’m so obsessed with keeping my life organised that I have made sure that my 2017 planner is bigger, and has more space for stuff. Super excited to set up my new planner and cover it with stickers!
  15. Find a routine and stick to it. Achieved. Being at university and working kind of forces you into a routine, and I think that I stuck to/made myself a routine even during the protests so that I could keep working. I didn’t time block but took each day as it came and adjusted my routine to what was happening. Even during the holiday, I have kept a routine in waking up before 8 am and making sure that I don’t stuff up my sleep schedule. I plan to continue this in January so that the transition back into university is seamless and stress-free.
  16. Keep journalling. Achieved. I am now on the 3rd journal for the year. Apart from a month where I didn’t write a single word, I have used my journal to remember everything that has happened this year and to sort through many thoughts and feelings. I’m really proud of myself for building a semi-decent journaling habit. It feels really rad to be a part of such an awesome journaling community. I feel really good seeing my notebooks filled with writing and memories.

Final Reflection

11/16 is not bad, considering I only blatantly failed 3 of my goals for the year. I thought that I had done much worse until I sat down to write this goal review. This year has been a rollercoaster. The highs have been very high, but the lows have been so low that I could have eaten my stomach because it spent so much time in my throat. I did a lot of stuff, made a lot of stuff, and saw a lot of stuff. My experience of 2016 was immense personal growth, which was very difficult. Anyway. I think that’s enough because I will do a much deeper reflection for myself in my journal.

Overall, my goal achieving was good. I am proud of what I managed to accomplish this year, especially in terms of my art and my marks for varsity. I’ve found so many things that bring me joy, including yoga and meditation. I’ve learnt how to take better care of my body and my mind. Without that, I’m not sure how I would have survived all the sh*t that 2016 has thrown at me.

Now that this goal review is complete, it’s time for me to set some goals for 2017. These will be posted tomorrow (New Years Day!) but will have been written beforehand so that I can sleep off my hangover.

Bring on the New Year!


DA Readathon

Hi, Friends

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to participate in a Readathon for the first two weeks of January. It’s hosted by Aentee at Read at Midnight. And, the best part: the theme is Dumbledore’s Army. And the books to be read are based on Diversity. And I am very interested in reading more diverse books with more diverse authors. You can find all you need to know in the sign-up post.

I have no idea what I’m going to read for this yet. This is just a post to say that I am participating, and that I’m excited to be a part of a movement that is focused on increasing diversity in literature.

Because this is Harry Potter themed, you can earn points. And I will be earning points for Ravenclaw! Hell yes!

I hope you’ll join me!